Amid Media Frenzy, K Theory Explains About Plans For Future [INTERVIEW]


K Theory

K Theory had to deal with a lot of media stories after group member Malcolm Anthony was let go from his contract earlier this week. We had a chat with K Theory founder Dylan Lewman to reflect on this as well as to hear what the future holds for K Theory and its label.

What’s the best moment that ever happened on stage? — One time in Minnesota we brought up one of our super fans “Alex” to thank her for repping us so hard and driving hours to our show with carloads full of her friends. Now she snap chats us daily jamming our music & is one of the most amazing, kind persons we met on tour and a true friend. Meeting all of the amazing k-family members around the world has to be the best part of this!

What inspires your music? — psychedelic gods, anime, the illuminati, & milla jovovich in the fifth element.

When you are successful, good and bad things happen. Former K Theory member Malcolm Anthony had some harsh words to share on Your EDM following his exit from the group. What would you like to share with our readers in regards to that? — this whole situation is one of the saddest & disrespectful things I’ve ever witnessed & unfortunately experienced in the music industry. We discovered Malcolm in 2013 & took him in as a brother, supported his dreams to the fullest, and have been through so much together. It’s disappointing to see all of that thrown away for the drive for fame. Malcolm was let go from his contract with k theory live on Monday & true colors were shown on Tuesday with the Your EDM K Theory article. Being thrown into the media for our personal business made me experience empathy for all the celebrities, especially Kim K, but instead of this only being a media exploit, it was a spiteful dagger loaded with fallacious claims from someone we considered family…

What does the future hold for K Theory Music?
— we are hardworking in the lab on new music & have our first release scheduled for March 2017. We are returning to electronic roots & are going to push the boundaries of electronic bass music. Dustin has returned from his hiatus to work full time in the project & we are mulling the idea of a full length album featuring some of our favorite k theory genres to date, revamped for 2808. We are also volunteering with at risk youth teaching music production lessons, have started an artist collective in Salt Lake City and are doing fundraisers for organizations such as “planned parenthood” and are working hard to better our community…hoping to inspire a wave of this for our fans globally in 2017!

What are your plans with the label? — New Trinity Music Group is prepping for its biggest year yet & is stacked with incredible hip hop, rnb, and pop records for 2017. “Mal J” has over 30 singles ready to rip & an EP with “Jerz”, we have NTMG vol 1 dropping,” isthatdeano” is already taking over the airwaves with his singles “nani” & “another bxtch” , & “Anthony Isaiah” is going to sing his way onto your girls spotify playlist. We also have been cultivating a diverse array of international producers for NTMG. Stay on the look out for our new electronic imprint dropping this spring!

Share a secret production trick native to your style no one else uses. — in a crowded electronic market with easy access to the highest quality samples, make your own signature sounds / samples you use in every track, it’s like a water mark so no one can sound like you, not even a ghost…

Some advice for young artists to make it in the industry? — read all your contracts & don’t make decisions to hastily about people without getting to know them. Meeting people is like having a tootsie pop for the first time, they might be sweet & delicious on the outside and then they can take you by surprise with the brown chewy part in the center…be observant, trust your gut, hustle, & clock them studio hours!

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