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We love your new record Stare Into The Stars. Tell us more about the background of that song

Thanks! Glad you like it. Everything started over a year ago while me and Evan Mellows were working on this song ‘Magic’ featuring ex Pussycat Doll Kaya Jones.

He started singing this beautiful song to me (Stare Into The Stars) and at the end of the song he goes like: I just wrote this song and I was totally inspired by one of your shows. And I go like: I wanna do a dance HIT with these awesome lyrics and melody! That’s how everything started.

Do you enjoy producing vocal tracks more than just instrumental ones? In the ‘making of’ video of Stare Into The Stars it seemed like you had a lot of fun!

I enjoy both producing instrumental and vocal tracks. I try to spend as much time as possible in the studio and I enjoy every single minute of what I do. We totally enjoyed recording the vocals of ‘Stare Into The Stars’ that day. It was one of those uncommon super hot days in the middle of January. I picked this lovely recording studio in Venice Beach, right next to the boardwalk. I love Venice and I loved that in the middle of the recording session we would take a break and enjoy the beach for a bit before going back to the studio. I love to record vocals, especially when you have a very talented singer like Evan, who’s always doing a great job on the microphone.

Do you know one secret from your DJ homies that they don’t want the world to know, but which is nice to share?

Of course, but it’s all about new productions so I can’t really anticipate anything yet! Haha

It’s time for studio secrets. What’s your favorite trick to create lead synths?

I spent lots of time creating my own templates for my lead synths. I normally start from ideas that I have in my mind and I pretty much just make that sound myself usually using softwares like Sylenth or Massive. Then I use Waves plugins and other EQs to make the synths sound good.

At clubs and other dance events, should people look at the DJs like they are rockstars, or would it be more fun if DJs would be slightly more anonymous and just part of the bigger event?

I think the DJ is the most important figure at an event. No good music/performance = no good party. DJs nowadays are rockstars and they deserve all the respect from the crowd and event planners. Most people go to see DJs at clubs because they love their productions and also because they enjoy their performances.

Which DJs from EDM became your personal friends?

I met so many DJs in the past few years and I established some solid connections with many. Big DJs like Tiesto, Steve Aoki, and Thomas Gold are consistently supporting my music and I normally communicate with them directly. I really love that.

Producing dance music stands synonymous to spending countless of hours behind the computer screen sculpting your beats. What do you do in your free time to stay fit?

Sometimes I feel bad leaving the studio to take breaks and maybe go workout at the gym. I do like to take breaks whenever a session gets too frustrating. Sometimes you get stuck into some beats so you really need to leave the studio for a few hours and refresh your mind. I live close to the beach so I very often take my bike and I go beach cruising by Venice or Santa Monica, normally during the sunset. I love watching the sunset!

If you look at your list of productions you have done so far. Which of those stands out the most to you and why?

I’d say I’m still very attached to my #1 Hit ‘If You Would’. The track did really well and I still have people requesting me to play that song every single time I perform at a show. ‘Stare Into The Stars’ is my new favorite though. The crowd has been loving this track so far. Looking forward to keep playing this track!

Do you become a different person when you get off stage?

No. I’m the same person but I definitely put out a lot of energy when I perform so when I get off stage I like to relax and rest as much as I can.

What do you do to try and give your best, be the best and maintain your best?

Many times I don’t sleep at night because I’m always thinking about new ideas about production. I think the key is in making good records and to try to come up with the next HIT that my fans love.

Every time I perform I give 100% of myself and I always make sure that I’m interacting with the crowd. I love to see when people are loving what I’m doing!

Is there a final thing you would like to say to our readers?

I want to thank every single person that has been supporting me so far. I couldn’t be doing what I do if I didn’t have my fans following with me and loving what I do. I’m totally blessed! It’s been a great journey so far and I do have many big things coming up so please stay in touch and keep supporting my stuff. Thanks so much, guys, for this interview! Ciao

Carlo Astuti Feat. Evan Mellows – Stare Into The Stars

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