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“Turkey has an oriental chemistry, not just in music but almost in every branch of arts”

DJ Miss Passion is about to release a new song on the Hammarica label. We wanted to know a bit more about her background so we caught up with her!Tell us when you first started to have an interest in dance music.
My interest in dance music started in my early ages, I was following my favorite dj’s podcasts and
trying to catch up for the dance festivals organised mostly in summer.
What styles of music do you play within your sets?
Mainly big room and electro ! Also, I like making surprises to the crowd in free style during my performances
When did you start your DJ production career?
I started my dj career during my university education @ 360 Istanbul which I’m also one of the resident dj of this club.
While I was following EDM sounds, I realised that to be a well known dj globally, I need a signature sound which completes me and my dj ing. The only way for that passes from music production. So at the same time I started trainin myself to produce EDM. I’m still a learner, and guess will always be in the future.
How would you describe the scene in Turkey?
Turkey has an oriental chemistry, not just in music but almost in every branch of arts. Altough many events and festivals are organised, it’ sometimes hard to communicate with the crowd, the potential is much more closer to commercial sounds, but it’s obvious progress for EDM and its followers improving affirmative and promises hope.
Name another female DJ whom you have a lot of respect for.
Maya Jane Coles, a big respect for her successful carreer
What made you laugh really hard this year?
3 cd players which were out of order at the same event !! It was unbelievable, and as everybody knows after a real
hard nerve crisis, you also start laughing hard !
Which city would you really like to visit and why?
I would like to visit Amsterdam, I love Dutch people and their energy. And of course I feel like I have
lots to share about my music.
Is there anything else you would like to mention?
I thank to all my followers supporting me in every section of my dj career. And I’d like to say :
‘Keep listening Passion Tunes.. ,
Where can people find you online?
Mostly on facebook and tweeter ! Also they can check out my website : www.djmisspassion.com





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