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Sexy, primeval and powerful are adjectives used by fans of Denise Martello (professionally known as Twisted Dee) to describe her unique blend of tribal and progressive house music. Flawless mixing, soul-pounding basslines and dramatic drops and peaks draw crowds to the dance floor and keep them there.


You are originally from New York, but moved to Orlando. Is there a big difference in these music scenes?

YES, HUGE difference. The clubs here in Orlando are very radio based musically; There is not much that is “cutting edge” here. For these reasons, I don’t really play in Orlando regularly. BUT, all that is going to change as I am getting ready to launch my own events here in Orlando in the very near future.

How would you best describe your sound?

Progressive House & Tribal

Tell us more about your label Hammer Music USA.

I began Hammer several years ago in frustration of where the music industry was going and how hard it was to get a decent, fair deal and legitimate release from a record label. I decided to just “do it myself”, plain and simple. Hammer was a way to get my music out in the market legitimately, without having to depend on or answer to anyone else.

What can we expect from the course of your label in 2013?

A few years ago I started taking on outside projects and artists thinking I would turn the label into a money making machine, but I soon realized this was way more than I could handle. It was too risky and way too much work for me personally; It wasn’t where I wanted to focus my energy. SO, I am bringing Hammer back to being a LABOR OF LOVE and getting ready to re-launch with several new projects as well as some exciting re-releases. I just want it to be about making music, helping friends, and getting fabulous tracks out there… period.


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