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Promoted Post BannerProgressive house stands out as a genre that has likely undergone the most significant evolution, continually embracing change. Progressive vibe can effortlessly adapt to nearly any music style. At its core, this sound follows a consistent methodology for constructing a track, gradually building up the arrangement until reaching a tense drop moment.

In recent times, there has been a noticeable resurgence in the realm of progressive house, as it undergoes a reincarnation and strives to pick up where its popularity left off 6 to 7 years ago. This development is not surprising, considering the close affinity between progressive house and trance music. In the past couple of years, many prominent artists, particularly in the realm of techno, have incorporated elements of trance into their work. 

Having extensively explored and mastered this genre,
Dennis Sheperd has demonstrated his prowess in its production. This could explain why he continues to produce progressive sound from time to time. His latest release, “Feel It Out,” is an overwhelming track that has been signed by no other than Black Hole Recordings. One aspect that has become a familiar pleasure in Dennis Sheperd’s tracks is his collaboration with exceptional vocalists. We are consistently amazed by his ability to find the perfect vocals, exemplified by talents like Liset Alea. While Dennis once claimed that perfectionism does not exist, Liset’s voice in this track has proven him wrong. Now, the judgment of whether he was right or wrong is up to you. “Feel It Out” is available on all streaming platforms for you to enjoy: https://blackhole.lnk.to/feelitout


01. Dennis Sheperd & Liset Alea – Feel It Out (Original Mic)
02. Dennis Sheperd & Liset Alea – Feel It Out (Extended Mix)

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