Ghost Crew Events Presents Paranormal AVtivity


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Paranormal AVtivity from Ghost Crew is bringing the insanity and spectacle of massive music festivals like TommorowWorld and EDC right to your doorstep! This series of events is like none other, featuring the highest-level production and special effects the industry has to offer alongside the biggest names in EDM – without all of the expense of a festival. These parties will be happening at clubs, venues, and even warehouses. Wherever we can to make sure you get the chance to have this experience!

dance music blogAt Ghost Crew, we feel that music should be not only be heard, but experienced. The goal of Paranormal AVtivity is to light up your senses, and we mean all five, with a euphoric overload of sensation. How are we going to accomplish this? Get ready for festival-grade, experimental, audio-visual effects from the same production specialists who bring you the audio/visual craziness of the industries most successful headliners, from Skrillex, Rusko, Afrojack, Infected Mushroom, Flux Pavilion, Datsik, Amon Tobin, and more. We’re talking 10 Watt full spectrum lasers, moving head lights, Atomic 3000 strobes, walls of LED screens, Diffusion Hazers, Clay 3D Projectors, and so much more.

The mission of Paranormal AVtivity is to rev up the party scene and bring something special to the table. Lots of people are cool with simply throwing a DJ into a room, however to us industry veterans at Ghost Crew, that’s not enough. We want to create something technically magnificent enough to revolutionize the electronic dance music scene and bring it fully into the 20-teens.



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