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This self-made producer runs three of the most exciting record labels to emerge from Italy in the past 10 years – Hotfingers, Tuamotu and 303Lovers – alongside Manuel De La Mare and Alex Kenji. He managed to forge a successful career traveling the world performing at some of the planets most renowned and best-loved parties, where his unrivaled dexterity behind the CDJs has led to repeat bookings throughout Europe, North and South America. Hammarica.com welcomes LUIGI ROCCA!!

You are known for producing a great amount of records in various genres. They range from house, to techno and to tech house. If there is one specific trademark to your sound, what would you say that is?


I think the use of percussions is what can connect my sound trough all the genres.

What do you do to hype up crowds other than playing good tracks with a seamless mixing style?

For sure interacting with the crowd is as important as playing good music, I love to play with people and I love people who play with me!

Are you a fan of soccer?

I’m fan of playing soccer, I used to play in a soccer team with my friends, but I don’t like anymore the professional leagues, too much dirty situations.

What is the best thing about living in Italy?

The best thing about living in Italy are my friends wherewith I’m grown.

Which is your favorite country to perform?

Well, some of my favorite places to perform are England and Ibiza, but lately I had great times in Asia!

What would you say is the most important piece of gear in your studio?

I think the ears and the room acoustic treatment are the most important gears in every studio.

What measures do you take to actively promote yourself, your releases and your career?

Get the people involved in what you do, get closer to them, listen to their spirits and they will definitely listen to you!

Have you done things in your life you are not proud of?

Yes, for sure, especially if I think about when I was younger

How was Ibiza this summer?

Hot and sunny as always! I really miss having a good time there, playing in the clubs & going to the beach.

Generally speaking, is there something in the club scene that could use improvement?

[wp-like-locker]Some clubs should heavily improve their soundsystems…[/wp-like-locker]

Your best advice for upcoming Djs?

If you want to start this career, buy the stuff you really use and the tracks you really like to play. You cannot understand immediately how much this can help your passion and your skills to grow up, but trust me!

Is there a final thing you would like to say to our readers?

I hope to dance with you somewhere in the world!

(photo credit Frederik Lindblad)




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