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A young producer taking the dubstep world by storm, at age 19 Alex Epps aka Cyberoptics first made his big smash into the scene with his release “Geisha” on PLAY ME Records. Released in May of 2010, Geisha climbed to number 1 on Beatport.com and held it’s place in the top 5 for over a month, battling producers such as Borgore and Doctor P.


What did it take to rule the Beatport chart at the number 1 spot for weeks with your release Geisha? Success doesn’t just come falling from the sky.

Well, Geisha was picked up by Reid Speed and Play Me Records after my release “Kong”.  I really never expected it to hit #1 or even break the top 10.  It sat for #2 for days and I had given up hope..until I received a call telling me that it finally went #1.  The only thing I can really say is that dubstep was pretty new at the time…at least that type of dubstep with crazy growls.  I guess people liked it.

Dance Music NewsIf you look at your list of productions you have done so far, which of those stands out the most to you and why?

Of all my productions…the Collector stands out the most to me…It has nonstop detail from beginning to end. I really feel it is a true piece of art more than music. It is full of a lot of genuine emotion, and wasn’t a difficult song to make at all…it just…flowed like all the best songs do.

Is solid PR an important asset for DJs to have?

I would call myself a producer wayyyy more than a DJ but yes, PR is definitely important…which I lack quite a bit compared to other artists.. lol

Which of your upcoming productions would you like to shed a light on?

One of my newest tunes “Eternal Shade” is coming out on my album, it will have a music video to go along with it…my first music video ever 🙂 I’m very excited.

Dance Music BlogDo you keep pets and are they allowed in your studio?

I love animals..especially dogs. and yes absolutely they are welcome.

Did you or someone else ever screw up a performance of yours? If so, tell us what happened.

I really can’t say anyone else is responsible for any of my mess-ups.  It’s very rare when/if I mess up…I have had a CD skip before and it feels horrible…new subject.

527-Cyberoptics-DJ-Interview-Hammarica-PR-Electronic-Dance-Music-NewsDo you play guitar?

I used to…but my cousin is a musician as well and surpassed me at guitar…so I gave it up.

If you could give one simple Cyberoptics production tip insight to new producers out there, what would that be?

I would say…”Less is more.”  simply because I feel that my creativity flows when I’m working on a more minimal tune.   It’s a lot more challenging to make a great sounding tune with very few resources to pull from…rather than to make a mediocre song with tons of stuff going on… That’s one thing I’ve learned and gotten more in tune with as time has gone by.

What do you do to keep neighbors complaining about loud music?

I wait till they are at work…sometimes they still complain. oh well… (Sorry neighbors if you’re reading this…)…….(I’M NOT SORRYYYYY!!!!)

DJ PromotionDrugs – yes or no?

Definitely. Tho some drugs are not for everyone….or anyone at all for that matter.

What would you like to have achieved in the next two years?

Id like to play in Europe…I’ve yet to go overseas.

Is there a final thing you would like to say to our readers?

Much love and respect to the readers, and supporters of my music.  Sometimes it’s hard to stay inspired and all the fans and supporters are one of the greatest fuels to the inspirational fire..    -many bless guys!! <33333




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