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Victor Savelle is the to-go-to guy for everything nightlife in Las Vegas. He and his team are responsible for EDMNightlife.com – the portal that reports on the scene in Las Vegas with video reports, a lively blog.. and recently a management company! For us all the more reason to catch up with him!


Tell us when EDM Nightlife started and the idea behind it.

We started pre-production in August of 2011 in a private studio, recorded 19 interviews with Las Vegas resident DJs to get a good idea about the electronic dance music scene here. Our main medium is video and by now we’ve completed over 70 interviews, delivered lots of the information that can be valuable for our future DJs/producers in the scene and recorded in over 15 venues in sin city. The main idea behind EDM Nightlife is looking behind the curtain of our dance music scene in Las Vegas and the World. We talk to DJs and Producers to get an insight of how things work, what they prefer to utilize to further their craft, etc.

What were some of the most fun experiences so far?

I’d have to say interviewing Morgan Page was a great experience, his management and himself were both great to work with and very professional, some artists need to take example of that. We were treated to a great event and dinner, though it may have not been the craziest night, it was the most fun professionally.

Who would you say is your top 5 of DJs and why.

This is very tough, but here it is:

DJ Dan – Inspiring, re-sampling and a really good idea about the crowd.

Kissy Sell Out – For his energy and insane quick flow from song-to-song, ability to use 3-4 decks with ease

Frankie Bones – The experience factor and his unrelenting stance of staying underground

DJ John Kelley – A “Moontribe” underground DJ with true talent, inspired me a lot

DJ Tiësto – Cliché.. As a long time fan, I attended the true parties that made him an icon, and I understand why. He showed me that a DJ can be famous worldwide, for the first time..

EDM Nightlife Las Vegas Team

Which DJ would you really want to see come to Vegas?

I’m with our host – Chris Aurelius – on this. We’d both like to see Elite Force come through Vegas, we’ve given it a bit of thought already. Also I’d like to see DJ Irene and John Kelley here, they have inspired me greatly.

You recently started a management company. Tell us more about it.

Our management ties in with giving artists well deserved recognition. I feel it is a natural step we had to take and it was part of the plan when we started, I never thought I could have a chance to manage one of the longest running residents of Las Vegas on an international platform. I am stoked about our progress. We’re limiting our artist roster for now, we’re working with Chris Aurelius and Spidersilk, though the list will most certainly expand in the future.

Dance Music MagazineAre you a DJ yourself? If so, give us some more info on that

Literally, every member of EDM Nightlife is a DJ and/or music producer of the EDM genre. I have been DJing since 2003 and producing sice 2007. I play some gigs when asked, mostly for fun, I really don’t have time to focus on DJing or music production as a career for me, thought at some point I’d like to.

What are your other plans with EDM Nightlife this year?

This year is really important for us, we’re setting up for bigger and better, bringing international headliners to Vegas and planning a national tour for our artists this fall. Our interview roster will expand to top artists (and as always, local as well). Recent sponsorship offers will help us reach our short term goals this year, hard work truly does pay off.

What was the craziest experience for you in a club ever?

I’d have to say the night when we caught Frankie Bones doing a skit with a Deadmau5 lookalike, “knocking the mau5 out” with a waffle-ball bat, as a parody. The video went viral and got international attention to the point that we retired it. That was a crazy night.

Is there anything else you would like to mention?

I’m really thankful to be working with the crew we put together. Without them, EDM Nightlife would not be what it is today. I’d like to thank Hammarica for doing this interview and all my crew members for being just as passionate as I am about the EDM scene! Vegas is a very unique town, the local scene is often oppressed by the corporate giants, but the heart will always be at the local scene and we will continue to look into it and work our formula to expose it.




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