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Promoted Post BannerOver a few decades, Johan Gielen, a Belgium born Dutchman, a trance music producer and DJ, has been a significant contributor to the trance and electronic dance music (EDM) scene, known for his vibrant and melodious trance creations and electrifying DJ sets. Throughout his career, he has engaged in both solo and collaborative projects, contributing significantly to the expansion and evolution of the trance genre. Notable tracks such as “Twisted” and “Beauty of Silence” under the project Svenson & Gielen have left an indelible mark on the industry, as well as his recent collaboration with Tastexperience on their relaxed, chill-out album Beachcomber. Johan’s performances at global electronic music events have earned him a devoted following among trance enthusiasts. Johan’s long-standing involvement and impact on the music scene imply that creativity should be a natural trait of an artist.

, one of Johan Gielen’s projects, has occupied a unique and significant role in the history of electronic dance music over the past 30 years and it continues to do so. It has a rich discography, featuring numerous releases and remixes, including iconic tracks like Alice Deejay’s “The Lonely One,” Safri Duo’s “Played-A-Live.”

For those in search of a trance with a dreamy uplifting ambiance, we introduce another Airscape release, titled “Love From Above.” After Invincible feat. Sarah Anglionin and Satellites feat. Shakespeakers, with the holiday season approaching, Johan crafted another Airscape gem as a tribute to those who have lost their loved ones. Johan’s message is clear: “Always remember them, and you will receive some ‘Love from above’.” In situations where words fall short, music steps in to communicate, and these exquisite vocals and inspiring lyrics, undeniably reaffirms that sentiment. Johan Gielen has confirmed his commitment to continue riding the wave of innovation in the trance music scene. And starting from today listeners can enjoy the emotional journey “Love From Above” represents, as it can be found on all streaming platforms:

Johan Gielen Airscape


01. Johan Gielen – Love From Above (Original Mix)
02. Johan Gielen – Love From Above (Extended Mix)

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