Key4050 And Their Latest Drop Feel Less

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Promoted Post BannerBoth hailing from Ireland, both giants in the trance music world, and both active for around 20 years, John O’Callaghan and Bryan Kearney are among the most appreciated producers in the trance community. When they joined forces in 2015, their collaboration reached new heights. Their creative synergy elevated their already acclaimed projects to another level. John O’Callaghan, known to die-hard fans simply as JOC, is the founder and head of the seminal trance label Subculture, while Bryan Kearney leads the reputable Kearnage Recordings.

The worldwide premiere of their duo project
Key4050 at Dreamstate SoCal 2017 left audiences speechless and craving for more. Key4050 is now a must-experience for big speakers at clubs and festivals worldwide. The seamless blend of emotions, melodies, angelic vocals, and heavy bass, transitioning effortlessly from uplifting to tech trance, has never seemed so simple and appealing.

JOC and Bryan Kearney always seem to push boundaries. Their latest release, “Feel Less,” is guaranteed to capture the attention of both trance and techno enthusiasts. This insanely fast, filthy banger features rolling bass, acid synths, and a masterful blend of techy and trance elements, all wrapped around infectious vocals and catchy lyrics. It’s set to blow your mind! We can’t wait to see the crowd’s reaction during the upcoming festival season when Key4050 takes the stage with this massive track. Streaming platforms are ready—give it a listen!

Listen or download “Feel Less“ HERE

Key4050 And Their Latest Drop Feel Less


01. Key4050 – Feel Less (Original Mix)

02. Key4050 – Feel Less (Extended Mix)

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