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It is, as Mr. Langdon says, a black swan moment; “A private equity partner of a multi-billion dollar fund becoming a producer/DJ at 40 is an anomaly.”

MASSIVE ADVISORS, a service provider to the global dance music industry providing economic research and strategic consultation, and its Chairman, John D. Langdon, will be presenting at Brazil’s Rio Music Conference (RMC) in Rio De Janeiro, taking place between February 19th to 21st, 2014. The RMC is the largest gathering of electronic music and entertainment professionals in the Southern Hemisphere. The RMC is the sum of 5 Regional Gatherings and 1 National Edition, where the Market Yearbook and the RMC Award are shown. The company is also the curator and producer of great shows and events throughout the year, with the label RMC Official Event.

MASSIVE ADVISORS will be hosting their own panel at RMC entitled “Venture Capitalist to Musical Adventurist (From Wall Street to Electric Avenue). The MASSIVE ADVISORS RMC panel will be moderated by Mr. Gary Smith, a journalist and event curator based in Southern France. “John is a fascinating individual with a most unusual background – a musician and financier. KALM KAOZ is equally emotionally and intellectually driven. During our beach-side chat we will be discussing his strategy going forward, his approach to and application of data crunching, and most crucially the future and possible shelf-life of the EDM scene in its current incarnation.” 

DJ NewsThe RMC panel will ask why a highly successful Wall Street investor gave up his well-paid job in order to make dance music with his group, KALM KAOZ. KALM KAOZ, a combination of Mr. Langdon (aka, SlingR) and Nathan Filby (aka Motoe Haus), is an LA-based producer/DJ group receiving big attention from the dance music community, recently receiving the November Cover of DJ News Mag.

It is, as Mr. Langdon says, a black swan moment; “A private equity partner of a multi-billion dollar fund becoming a producer/DJ at 40 is an anomaly. It is a true ‘sign of our times’ – when strategy, technology, hardware, software, and the global power of the internet merged, easing access to production and DJing. At no other time in history has this been possible – it is a black swan moment.”

Mr. Langdon furthered, “I’ve played and obsessed over music my entire life – music is beautiful math. Four years ago, I ran into Motoe Haus, a 15-year LA-based music producer, who told me about the transformation in music and technology. The cost of a studio and DJ equipment was now in the range of the hobbyist. The next day, I built out a studio and didn’t leave the house for a while.” Three years later, Mr. Langdon and Motoe Haus formed KALM KAOZ.

Mr. Langdon will be discussing his game plan for MASSIVE ADVISORS, view on the dance industry and its future from a Wall Street perspective, and how he is establishing KALM KAOZ as an authentic dance brand.

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