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Promoted Post BannerInternational rising star Sabina Beyli releases her latest single ‘Tell Me A Lie’, bringing a tempest of passion to the musical forefront of pop and commencing 2024 with a unique musical offering. 

‘Tell Me A Lie’ embodies a brooding attitude at its core, enlisting a cinematic sound with rich elements on the single production that are then pushed into dramatic waters. With effective orchestration and an intense depth captured, adding a bite of potency that stands out from the crowd, Beyli’s cadence delivers a powerful vocal to tell a story that is abundant with emotional reaction. 

“You’re so cruel. Did you forget what you aided? / Or was it all in your head
?” she emphasizes, treading between a delivery that muses and soars, bringing in symphonic delivery elements that present itself as edgy, orbital pop that is film score-worthyAs her lyrics of “Don’t you know you belong to me? / Tell me a lie” centres the message in a whirl of passion, the crescendo-delivering apex of the chorus bursts with vehemence that leaves the listener feeling admitted into her world.

The multi-lingual Sabina Beyli, hailing from Azerbaijan, began her music career at 13 and has only reached higher altitudes as time has progressed. From becoming the youngest ever, nationally recognised fortepiano player with the Azerbaijan National Symphonic Orchestra to reaching the finals of The Voice Kids Turkey in the mid-2010s, Beyli’s career has only been on an upward trajectory since she took her first strides within the industry. Reaching the heights of becoming a finalist to represent her home country in the globally esteemed Eurovision Song Contest, her Spanish language single ‘Maria Maria’ has reached over 15 million YouTube views, and her work with producers including Skylar Mones (Dua Lipa, Rhianna) and platinum producer JD Walker (Cher, Jason Derulo) has captivated audiences the globe over.

Stepping into her unique form as a solo artist for 2024, ‘Tell Me A Lie’ is out now and is set to initiate a new chapter for the soon-to-be superstar!

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