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Germany-born techno phenomenon Lilly Palmer announced today her first NFT drop in collaboration with Hypery, a new transparent music platform backed by blockchain. This exciting new NFT launch will use the Hypery platform’s integration with the peer-to-peer marketplace OpenSea, allowing creators to sell digital tokens directly to their fans. 

Following the positive support of Lilly’s latest single ‘Vertigo’, this partnership marks a new chapter in Lilly’s creative journey. Speaking on the collaboration and her NFT drop, Lilly said, “I got on board with Hypery several months ago in full belief that what the platform offers is both empowering and transformative for artists. I feel the same way about the exciting new approach that NFT provides artists and fans. I’m excited by the limitless potential NFT’s provides creators and fans.

Looking forward to making my first tokenised imprint on the blockchain.”

Hypery’s new decentralised model aims to revolutionise how the music industry operates, putting the artist back in the stage’s centre. Hypery’s streaming framework utilises a revenue distribution through smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain. The platform’s suite of products also includes a marketplace for digital merchandise, royalty share and digital representation of physical goods through NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens).

Hypery CEO Karl Oliver Goedicke sees the streaming platform as a revolutionary new channel for artists and fans. “Through Hypery’s blockchain-powered streaming platform and NFT tokens, music fans can engage with their favourite artists in entirely new ways. We use the latest in blockchain technology to create content with our artists that are guaranteed limited edition and authentic, not to mention accompanied by unique perks.”  Goedicke adds, “Artists such as Lilly Palmer are gatekeepers for a global music scene enjoyed by fans around the world. Hypery’s mission is to combine the worlds of music and blockchain to create an entirely new and fully transparent ecosystem full of creative potential.” 

Starting on April 15 at 20:00 CET, Lilly Palmer fans and OpenSea users will be able to place bids on one of 20 NFT’s via a 72-hour auction and have a direct purchase option on one of the 200 other fixed-price unique collectables. After April 18, winners will be able to redeem these for unreleased artist’s track, special edition dubplate acetate and the artist’s personalised digital autograph. The highest bidders are guaranteed to have a track produced by Lilly Palmer featuring the winners name and unique 5-star experiences with the chosen backstage gig pass, accommodation, flights and a photoshoot with the DJ. 

About Hypery:

Hypery is a new transparent music service backed by blockchain, with music streaming and NFT release platform for independent artists, labels and their fans.

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